About Us

History of JARO

Embryonic Beginnings from 1952 – 1968: In 1952, our founder, Dr. Beryl Wilberforce – Smith started a rehabilitation centre in the Johor Bahru General Hospital for cured TB patients to teach them some trades and handicrafts. That centre gradually became a self -sustaining charity known as the Johore Anti TB Rehabilitation Organisation. Three sheltered workshops for basketry, bookbinding and tailoring were set up. As TB slowly faded from the scene, the existing organization was revamped into a rehabilitation center for the physically-and mentally-challenged for these people had need which were not catered to. With this new focus: JARO took in a wide range of the physically-and mentally-challenged persons along with cured TB patients. Despite being renamed the Johor Area Rehabilitation Organisation, the acronym of JARO was retained. From 1954 to 1960, JARO occupied a small room within the Johor Bahru General Hospital and in 1961, moved to larger premises inside the Hospital compound. In 1968, JARO moved to its own custom-built two – storey building on land donated by the Johor State Government. It was officially opened on 01 November 1968 by the then Deputy Prime Minister, YAB Tun Haji Razak B Dato' Hussein, it is located along Jalan Sungai Chat Registration as a society: JARO was registered as an organization under Section 7 of the Societies Act 1966 with the registration number of 369 (Johor). It is a non-profit charitable organization which Management Committee was / is chaired by: 1. Dato' Yap Kim Hock from 1957 to 1961 2. Dato' Dr. Lim Kee Jin from 1962 to 2008 3. Dato' Jimmy Low Boon Hong 2008 – present.

General Information

JARO’s OKU employees enjoy the benefits of monthly pay, EPF, SOCSO, meal and travel allowances. JARO currently has a total of 57 employees, the majority of them married with families and school-going children. Out of this number, only six people are not disabled and they run the administration duties and supervisory roles. Currently we have 3 workshops at JARO. the Book Binding workshop, the Basketry workshop & the Tailoring workshop. All the products made here are sold at our Showroom at Dato Dr Lim Kee Jin wing of JARO building.

Company Overview

The Johore Area Rehabilitation Organization (JARO) is a registered charity which manages 3 sheltered workshops catering to the rehabilitation requirements of the physically and mentally challenged. It aims to start a new lease of life for people to create a sense of independence and to reposition themselves with dignity in the mainstream of society. This positive attitude that JARO instills in them enables them to live a normal working life with pride and confidence.

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